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Ah, the 5th district. Why didn’t you say so?

After taking a job at the New Haven Register covering the Connecticut legislature, I have again shifted, or rather refined, my focus at the request of my bosses to cover the 5th Congressional district race, exclusively.

It’s been fun. After breaking several stories about John Rowland, (he’s working for Lisa Wilson-Foley but not getting paid; he worked for Wilson-Foley’s husband as recently as two weeks ago; he might have worked for Mark Greenberg, proposing to be paid through the candidate’s nonprofit animal shelter, but didn’t; plus all the ancillary coverage that went with it) I’m at a bit of a loss.

And in need of a vacation.

We’re also getting a Republican Congressional debate underway in Torrington, so that will be fun. Soon enough my focus will widen to include the Senate race, too, but for now, I’m enjoying owning the 5th district.


A shift in focus

I have decided to change the focus of this blog, from a compilation of my humor to a more traditional portfolio-type blog.


Because I have not been writing much humor these days. It’s not because I have grown less funny (impossible), it’s not because I have any less of a desire to write humor (again, impossible), I have just been so engrossed in Connecticut state politics and election coverage that my humor writing, probably always a career liability, has fallen by the wayside.

So, as I see fit and as time allows, I will be posting updates on my career and the development of my portfolio, should anyone care, which I doubt.

I may also post about a random idea or project that I am working on, or an opinion that I feel I need to share.

My Dear John letter to the Register Citizen

CLICK HERE – In saying goodbye to Torrington, I put in the form of a “Dear John” letter, just for fun.

Goodbye to my friends at The Register Citizen


To everyone at The Register Citizen,

By now, many of you know that I will be leaving the position of editor at The Register Citizen to take a job at the New Haven Register. My first day in New Haven will be Monday, Oct. 4, two years to the day after I first walked into the newsroom at 190 Water Street.

I could write about the many successes we’ve had in the past two years — the jump to digital first, the increased value of our print product, the awards we’ve won — but I won’t. I could write about the challenges this newsroom and other departments have faced and will face yet, about the excitement of a new building and new technologies — but again, I won’t.

Instead, I wish to say, in no uncertain terms, how much I will miss every single one of you.

Over the past two years I have come to know many of you quite well, your strengths, your talents, your humor, your children and families. And, quite honestly, I have come to respect each and every one of my colleagues at The Register Citizen. Though we have our differences, when you strip all the nonsense away this is, at its core, a good team. And that is something money can’t buy.

My reasons for leaving The Register Citizen are, for the most part, entirely personal. At the New Haven Register I am half as far from my three girls. But the decision was not an easy one. I did not want to leave my friends here at 190 Water Street, which has become as much a home to me as the house in which I live, and the people like an extended family.

We have come very far from where we were two years ago, and still have even farther to go. I’m proud that whoever takes my position will have an easier job than the one I inherited.

I wish you all the bet of luck and hope that you will remember to send me an e-mail or drop me a line every so often. Find me on Facebook, shoot me a Tweet, find me on LinkedIn, drop a comment on my blog or just drop by if you’re ever in New Haven.

All the best,

Jordan Nathaniel Fenster

Cell: 845-558-6445

It’s official: I’m leaving The Register Citizen

After much negotiation, I’m leaving my job as the editor for The Register Citizen and taking a job as the entertainment editor and sub news editor at The New Haven Register. My current boss Matt gave me a letter of thanks praising all the hard work. Very decent of him. He didn’t have to do that. The letter is below.

Resume Presentation

My resume turned into a presentation. I used free Google Docs, though it works just like Powerpoint. Click on the link to view the presentation or check out the PDF below.

My Resume

Here’s a link to my resume, just in case anyone was interested.